Fitted Interiors and Remodelling

Fitted work makes a room into a functional space : remodelling makes a house into your dream home...

We have worked on a number of larger projects such as library units, fitted offices and kitchens over the years. Through these jobs we have built up a great team of tradespeople. This has resulted in a number of jobs where we have managed the complete remodelling of a space then fitted a staircase or kitchen, completing the job.

Working in this way we can ensure a smooth transition from first fix through to installation of the final fitted carpentry.

We have access to tradespeople in the following trades whom we trust impeccably: Stonemasonry, Joinery, Joinery manufacture, Plumbing, Electrics, Plastering, Floor sanding, and Decoration. Malcolm Mack has an easy way with keeping trades people focused, the client informed, and most importantly the job on time.